Saturday, 1 January 2011

I'm so hungry...

I just want to eat everything. Seriously.

But, happy new year.

My calorie intake for yesterday was around 169, never got the chance to purge my dinner. It was soup (1/2 a tin, 84 calories) and bread (no crusts, 85 calories). I had a sip of Barcadi Breezer at the party I went to...but I walked there, which was 30 minutes, and danced a lot. So, I hope to God that I have burnt more than I ate, which I doubt...because I'm a fat bitch.

Boyfriend tomorrow...yay! I have to have dinner with my family, but I'll have an early shower and bed because I'm I'll purge it. I love my life -.- (sarcasm)

There's some bloody awfully fatty, doublechin pictures of me on facebook...makes me cry.

Fucksake. Stay strong...I hope I will! xx

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