Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Starting the post with a MASSIVE thank you to 'unbeautiful', your comments always motivate me!

After stopping the purging for a few days, I have managed to repair my glands (or whatever) and I am now ok. I wasn't able to purge that well before, I think my throat was ill!! But, now it's cool. All in working order. I can't believe how enthusiastic I am about this...

No binges this week, as of yet. None planned either.

So, I found this hot chocolate, which is 33 calories a cup. Well, it's malt chocolate horlicks. But, the serving size is 11g. I put 4 grams in, so it is much less than 33 calories, and it removes my chocolate cravings.

Today, I have eaten Rabbit stew - which was mostly vegetables (purged) and a bite of an apple (not purged.. :( ), and had one of my nice hot chocolates. So, low-ish calorie intake, which is a success. I also walked 2.6 miles, and done 100 crunches. Haven't had the chance to weigh myself yet, but will do tomorrow - I will also do my workout dancey DVD again. Let's hope that my 56 fucking kilograms was bloat... -.-

I thought about my ex quite a bit today. It's sad, but everytime I see a red car, I think it is him. I don't know why. It annoys me...I need a boyfriend. I don't think I miss him, I just miss being with somebody. It will be difficult to find someone who appreciates me, and cares, and makes me feel good about myself, won't it?!!
Apart from that, that is pretty much all I have to say today. Stay strong xx

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  1. You are very welcome! Glad I can help. =)
    Glad to hear you're back on the right track. Try to refrain from purging if possible. It is really bad on you as I'm sure you already know.
    The hot chocolate sounds nice. I had some tonight myself. It was 60 calories. I try not to drink calories but this time it was okay.
    Good luck on your weigh-in tomorrow.
    About the boy thing, you don't need them. Be strong and independent. You are strong. You don't need to be with someone to feel special. I think you are special. I care about you. I hope/try to make you feel good about yourself. See, I am MUCH better than some guy. ;)
    Have a good day tomorrow/today/whenever you read this really. lol