Monday, 24 January 2011

Purge not working...:Z

Right, so I have been trying to purge for almost an hour now. Toothbrush and fingers. I have about half up of what I've eaten. Calorie content, not quite sure...but this is what it is. I made pasta.

Altogether, it was 400g pasta (270 calories per 75g), 200g ricotta cheese (32 calories per 30g serving), 10 asparagus speers (26 calories per 100g), 1 onion (20 calories per 100g), 2 handfuls of spinach (16 calories per 100g), 3 handfuls mushrooms (30 calories per 100g), garlic and seasoning, vegetable stock cube (10 calories).

I had about 100g of pasta, 1/4 of the thing. But, I ate about 4/6ths of it. So, that's 66g of pasta, 122g cheese, 2 asparagus speers, you know the rest. I have managed to throw up about half. So, thats 33g pasta, 66g cheese. Approximately, 240 calories. Disgusting. But, I was 51kg today. Good times. Wish I was 45...

I'm going now..Hopefully the shower will help me. My throat hurts though, I need to stop doing this shit with a toothbrush.

Stay strong..xx

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  1. GAH! No purging!!!!! I'm not surprised your throat hurt after all the torture you're doing to it. Killing it with all the acid and hard edges of a toothbrush. I wish there was no such thing as purging. We all would be better off without it. (sorry for sounding like your mom or whoever telling you not to purge. I do it coz I care!)