Friday, 21 January 2011


I just purged and my eyes and nose are burning...but not my throat, which is weird. Also, my hands are shaking, A LOT, and have been all day. I never ate anything until 4pm, and then purged, and then ate dinner at 5.30pm, and purged. I can taste bile really bad in my throat, and I need a drink, but I can't be fucked to move. Also, I can't go downstairs until my eyes are less bloodshot, otherwise they'll know...

I need to finish my English Literature essay, and start my History exam questions.

Good times...on Sunday I shall be going Clay Pigeon Shooooootinngggg again, and then going for a nice long walk, smoke and chat with my friendddd, which should be nice, if it isn't too cold. Ah well, it's exercise.

Anyway, homework time now, I guess. Lots of love, stay strong xx

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