Monday, 6 December 2010

What have I done???

So, I basically haven't seen my bf since LAST SUNDAY! He text me saying that he was busy all weekend, so he wouldn't be able to see me...but he went out with his friends.

I'm wondering though, because on facebook, his friends weren't out with their girlfriends either..but they've been together much longer than us. Not seeing him for this long is horrible. I'm pretty sure he's going off me. Probably because I'm so fat, seriously, his ex-gf's...I've probably said before...but they are amazingly thin. It pisses me off, so much. I'm nothing like them, or any of his friends' girlfriends. They're all so plastic, thin, pretty. I'll never be like them. None of them ever talk to me when we're out either, I really don't fit in.
This is probably the list of reasons why he is going off me.

My friends agree too, they think I should wait for him to text me, and if he doesn't then I should text him - like on Thursday - and ask him if we should do something this weekend.

I don't get what changed, it was all so sudden. Like, last sunday he seemed fine with me. I don't get it. He confuses me so much..but I really like him. And, he told me that he liked me. He obviously feels different now -.-

I think I'm going to go clubbing on Saturday...let's hope I get in...I really don't look that year older that I need to!!!

I know what I need:   confidence, self-security and skinnyyyyyy-ness.

Oh, and I need a boyfriend who likes me as much as I like him.

Maybe he's pissed off because I cancelled on him of friday - to be fair, he knew he couldn't come round here, we have builders in...

Ughhhh, I'm such a f*ck-up!

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