Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I have lost an inch off each leg...

I found a tape measure earlier, so I checked it out, and I've lost an inch off the top of each thigh! The last time I measured was about a month ago!!

Good times :)

I walked to town today, which is just over a mile there, and a mile back. And, did some shopping too, so the cals are burning I hope.

It's christmas soon, I'm gonna be all bloated from the binge. But, I'm hoping that it'll prompt my weightloss when I restrict after :)

We can hope..

Not heard off the boyfriend.. Thanks, think I might kill myself some time soon now...

I don't even get why I like him, I know he's a d*ck... There's just somethingabout him I guess. Who knows?

Anyway, Merry Christmas if I don't post soon (I think I said this like yesterday!!)  :)x

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