Monday, 20 December 2010

My life sucks!!

Well done me, back into binging, back into purging!!

Boyfriend tells me he still likes me, because I asked him where I stand...yet he doesn't meet up with me! I think this is the 3rd or 4th weekend since I last saw him...which feels great by the way!!

And it's christmas soon, God I hate holiday breaks. Little exercise, lots of food around, cold. No boyfriend to see, exams in January.

Oh life is so annoying. And, we never went out on saturday, because the freak snow decided to bring our area to a halt...and no-one has been gritting the midlands...what the hell is that about? But, I have been walking everywhere...I think I did 70 mins walking in the snow today!! Which compensates for the chocolate I ate yesterday...

Anyway, I'm thinking sleep now, if I can sleep..I've been struggling lately, a lot on my mind I guess!!

Lots of love...merry xmas if I don't post soon xx

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