Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What he likes about me

Last night he listed what he likes about me:

"you're gorgeous
You're good in bed
You're sexy
You have a brilliant bum
You have nice eyes
You have great legs
You have nice boobs
I like your love handles"

The whole list is based on appearance, for one.

Secondly, 'love handles'. Fucking love handles. He knows I'm fucking obsessed with my weight, he has seen my favourites on my computer. He told me I wasn't fat and that he'd tell me if I was... That's him telling me I'm fat, my view on love handles is that you have to be quite fucking large to have them,

He tells me he wants to marry me.. I don't think he does.


  1. Men are idiots, dear. Sorry you've been a victim of masculine stupidity.

  2. They really are. As a species they are excellent at putting their foot in their mouth.

  3. I'm glad that you realized his entire list was about your physical traits. Chances are he isn't worth your time in the long run.

    ...yikes, ladies, I hope you find better men in the future. ]: