Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ok, so my previous post hasn't said a lot!

Basically, I managed to get away with not eating ANYTHING for two days whilst I was at my boyfriends house. He never noticed until the Saturday morning, when he said, "Emma, I just realised you haven't eaten anything in 2 days, and you haven't said anything, you're not starving yourself are you."

I lied though, I told him that I just forgot about it, that I was too busy loving him to think about food.

He then said, "If you are, talk to me, or just stop because I don't want you to get hurt."

Oh like I don't want you to get hurt by taking some Class A drugs?

Double standards.

His family don't cook much, so they all live off cereal and sandwiches, and I was turning stuff down. Each day, he said that he would cook something for me, and to let him know when I felt hungry. Obviously, I didn't let him know!

However, I'm not stopping, I'm doing this for him anyway.

Thought I'd do the 30 day challenge, cause I have lost weight!!

Day one:               stats.

HW:   72kg
LW:    50kg
CW:    55kg
GW:    45kg
UGW: 40kg

My thighs are 3 inches bigger than the Superskinny girl on Supersize v Superskinny. She was 6 stone.. hopefully I'm getting there :/

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