Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I have eaten so much this week.

Monday I binged, really badly. Like around 2000 calories, and threw a lot up. Not enough.
Yesterday, I must have eaten around 500 calories - 600.
Today, I have eaten about 300 calories, and thrown quite a bit up, because I couldn't put my hands around my waist. MUST SMOKE AND DRINK MORE.

My boyfriend is back tomorrow, and I'm stopping at his. Fuck. Fatty.

I did a workout this morning, and walked to college, which is around 400-450 calories burnt. Still feel fat. Exercise makes me look like I've lost less weight than when I don't eat anything.

Salad (containing mostly lettuce) for dinner tomorrow, and I'll get one for friday too.

Day Four:          Your greatest fear about weight loss

My boyfriend finds out, and falls out of love with me, because I'm not the girl who he thought "didn't care about all that stuff".

Also, rejection letter from Oxford. My dreams are ruined. Fuck.

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  1. I'm really sorry to hear about the binge and then also throwing up the last couPle days, but I beilive you can get back on track! Hope you're doing well.