Monday, 21 November 2011


I thought I'd start making the old blog look more presentable!

Have been eating less than 200 calories for about a week.

Felt shitty this morning and had a binge/purge session. Now I feel ill as fuck.

I won't be seeing my boyfriend until Friday because he has to go on Student Union training :( But this means I can exercise every night and eat like NOTHING and get away with it. Yesss!

He always has a go at me if I haven't eaten anything - but doesn't seem that concerned (let's be honest, it's not as if I'm skinny!)

Though, he did say when stoned the other night, "You're hip bones are digging into my back, you need to eat more, Emma."  I was happy.

Also, loving how smoking pot doesn't give me the munchies!
My boyfriend also mentioned the word "rape" when I was stoned, which put me on the path of a whitey. It was horrible. I couldn't stop thinking about it then, and the noises and voices were all really loud in my head.
Oh I love it when weed fucks with your brain. 

Day 3:  A picture of your thinspiration and the attractive parts of them.

Mary-Kate Olsen. Nuff said.

Her legs look fabulous in this picture. So much love for this girl. She is officially the greatest thinspo EVARRR!

This is my dreaaamm body. Never having to worry about clothing that is too small, because everything will fit your tiny body :D

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  1. Be good, lovely! :P
    He sounds like he really cares about you. Lucky girl! <3