Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I hate him seeing me naked now.

I told him I had a bladder infection. So, it was clothes on, and just hugging all night.

I feel so fat.

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  1. why would you want to be ridiculously thin? i think its great that you want to lost weight for yourself and a motivation for him, but not to the extreme :( if he said he loves you for who you are now, that he should have meant it. dont torture your body for a a guy if he doesnt appreciate your body now and how you mentioned that he wouldnt do one thing for you. i think its great that you want to be thin but know that your not "fat". so try to have more confidence in yourself. be healthy while losing weight and do what makes you happy. im pretty sure your cute as hell, and its proven since you have a bf. so try not to change yourself too much, cause then you'll lose yourself and perhaps forget who you really are. sorry for being random to comment here. i just dont like girls who drown in there problems of thinking they're "fat".