Saturday, 5 November 2011

Moving in..

Let's put it this way:I may need to move in with my boyfriend - Dad doesn't want me at home anymore.

He said this to me last night, amongst many others, but these are the worst:

- "Why do you not be a bitch to your boyfriend? Because you don't want to show him your true colours?"
- "You're a complete dickhead"
- "You can get a fucking job, and pay for your own train fare, cause I'm not doing it anymore."
- "You only got AAAB at A Level, and because college is your life, you chose a shit one - you could have had 4 A's"      (um, Dad, where's you qualifications? Oh yeah, you left school at 14, and because you're a wanker you find it humorous to insult me)
- "I'm not going to do anything to your attackers, I'll let them do what they want with you"  (<- Dad? I don't think he is anymore)

Why was this said?
I snapped at Mum, and said it was because I was stressed out with everything that was going on in my life - even though I apologised for it, sincerely, I got this!

Dad has an alcohol problem, so Mum picked up his bottle of Scotch whiskey, and threw it outside in the garden - it smashed!
He doesn't remember it this morning - shame I'll remember it forever. I am refusing to go downstairs, or talk to him.

He's not my Dad anymore.
I've tried to help him, and he doesn't care about anyone other than himself. He always hurts people because of alcohol.

He can pick on my problems as much as he wants, at least my problem has a purpose. 


  1. I'm sorry you're having problem with your parents, thats never any fun. best of luck!

  2. Oh my honey. Im so sorry your dad said all those hurtful things to you. U have the right to be mad and angry at him. :( Well hang in there. <3