Saturday, 3 September 2011


The counsellor woman tells me that I'm showing signs of depression, with some slight tendencies to show bipolar behaviour.

Love it. Officially mind fucked.

Lol this explains why I have eaten quite a lot though. Now I know why, I can stop eating again. And no longer be a fatty.

I dunno if I told you but the main guy who I was talking about - we can refer to him as his preferred name (which is Wanker) - persuaded me to drop the charges against him. So, I did. Because I'm scared of him, and what his friends could do to me. And, yes, to avoid the police arresting him that day, I had to lie and say "I didn't perceive it as a sexual assault, it just got out of control and everyone else was telling me to report it." I'm glad Wanker can get over it all... I fucking can't.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is ok.

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