Saturday, 24 September 2011

Why do I binge?

I have realised, properly realised now, that the reason I have gained is because of my binges.

I am eating like under 500 calories a day, during the week. Some days, I am having under 200 calories. And, then on a Friday/Saturday I will east up to 3000 calories of crap foods. Obviously, my weekly intake before I binged was about 4200, as I was eating a solid 600 or less a day. But, then with the binge it was like, 6500 or less. It makes sense why I'm such a fatty these days.

I forgot to say what someone said to me the other day. She said, "you look a lot curvier. Not in a bad way, but at exam time you looked unhealthy". I blame my weakness to my friends encouraging me to eat.

I now have to think of an excuse for NOT going out to lunch for my birthday on Tuesday - my friend has offered to pay, because it's my birthday the day after.

Fuck my life


  1. It's hard to find that "sweet spot" where you're restricting, but still getting enough calories to ward off a binge. Hope you're doing all right!

  2. Stay healthy, gorgeous girl!