Monday, 26 September 2011

My ex, the one I loooove (but don't tell him ;P) asked me if I wanted to go out again :) I invited him to my birthday pub crawl on Friday :)


And, he text me, not the other way round... that's something?!

In other news, I had an evaluation today for an accommodation place - a nice one, that is also cheap-ish! And, I'm doing quite well at quitting smoking. I'm like not eating any more than usual! So, all is well, and I am HAPPY!

I have counselling on Friday before the Pub crawl, though. So, that might put a dampener on my day :'( Still, life goes on. And my ex has made me happier than ever! He's going to be the person who makes me forget about everything bad that has happened to me. And I love him even more for that (I realised that I loved him, before I wasn't sure, but now I know for definite!)


I hope that everyone's ok :) xx

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