Monday, 19 September 2011

I'm moving.

I have decided to move house... I might go live with my Nan. She would only charge me £30 a week board, and I could get a job at a restaurant up the road.

This is because I was walking to college today, and I saw him. He fucking looked at me and gave me such a cocky smile, as if he was saying "there's fuck all you can do about it". He makes me feel sick. He shouldn't be walking around on the streets, a free man. He's a vile thing, he's not even human.

But, anyway, this isn't a blog about criminals, even though it appears to be getting that way!

I'd like to thank everyone for their supportive comments, I really appreciate them! Thank you so much :)

I'll be moving out soon, I reckon, but this means that my Nan will aim to 'fatten me up' - she buys loads of sweets. And, I don't think she'll buy me veggie stuff - so I'll have to buy my own food (but this means I control what I'm eating).

That's about all for today... Hope everyone is ok xx


  1. Control over what you eat sounds good. :) Nana's are always cute when they try to be nice and buy you sweets but it is annoying lol. xo

  2. It'd be a dream to live with my nana! So lucky. And that's it's always good to be able to control what you're eating. It make you more aware since you're the one paying. Hope all is well.