Sunday, 4 September 2011

Thinspirational old photos.

My nan, aunty and I about 2-3 years ago - pre ana

I took this just before my ex picked me up - you can see my ribs through my top <3 (an after picture)

Year 8 prom, so aged 13 (I think)

 Me in 2008, probably 14 or so. My face is appalling. Being ridiculously fat obviously doesn't suit me!

And the above is a picture of me on Xmas eve last year, I like the fact that my legs look slim... but not slim enough!

And on this one (second from the right) my legs look well-bowed :) Love it. Would be much nicer if slimmer though.. 

And that's all really. My thinspo for today is myself!! And my hideousness.