Monday, 29 August 2011

Dropped the charges.

I dropped the charges, and the police haven't arrested anyone, I had to tell them that I was sort of lying. This is because the main guy was texting me and calling me, trying to convince me to drop it. And I listened, like an idiot. So, once again, justice will not be done.

Also, I'm grounded - for going out of the house late at night, to somewhere I shouldn't have been going - indefinitely. So, the immense lack of movement and lack of control over food is REALLY fucking pissing me off. So, as you can imagine, I'm going a little bit crazy, and getting a LOT fat. Nice. Not.

My mum is driving me everywhere, to work, to my appointments. I just wanna be alone. I'm not stupid enough to make the same mistake twice, by going somewhere I'm not supposed to be.

It's evil. And when I said that I was going to live with my nan, they replied with, "fine, we'll tell her everything then." And, this would probably kill my nan, her heart is weak and she couldn't do with the stress. That;s a nasty fucking trap to put me in. A very nasty trap.

I know they're trying to keep me safe, but the damage is done, I've had my punishment. I'm going to be 18 in 29 days, so they can't legally keep this up.

Stay safe x

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