Sunday, 21 August 2011

What is happening to me?

I've never been so scared in my life this past week.

I went to that guys house on Tuesday and his friends were there too. And I thought it would be ok, but they got me ridiculously drunk and made me go in the hot tub with them, and we were all naked.

By the time I couldn't really see r talk, I was being fucked by him and his friend. I couldn't say no to them. They never even asked me. They just did it. Later on, they were taking pictures.

I never forget anything when I'm drunk, it all comes back to me hen I've got over the hangover. And this I wish I'd have orgotten.

Anyway, next morning, the guy woke me
Up. He made me do stuff, by pulling my hair and threatening that he'd fck me up the arse so hard I'd bleed if I didn't. He was slapping menaround the face and stuff if I said no to anything. It was so horrible, and o was so far away from home that I couldn't just leave.

Anyway, I have been trying to forget.

Though, when I was working last night, they came in. They kept staring t me when I walked past. I had together everyone else to do thins for me
That involved where they were.

The even worse thing was that they were in there with my ex boyfriends fiends. How do they know them?

And what if they were showing the sTaff the pictures of me?

I was so scared to leve work, because they may have been waiting for me. I just dunno what to do. I wish I'd never have gone to his house. I was so fucking stupid.

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  1. I'm sooo sorry,you had to go through such a horrible thing!!! But know that it isn't your fault. Those guys are horrible people. Sadly you won't ever forget all there is to talk and heal. Once again I'm really sorry. You're a wonderful person who doesn't desere what happened to you. I know what you're going though sweets. I'm here if u want to talk!!$ stay really strong.