Sunday, 2 October 2011

Last night was atrocious. I drank that much that when we went to McDonald's afterwards, I ate two lots of wedges, with BBQ sauce. What a fat bitch.

Plus, no male attention all night - because I'm hideous. And, to add to it all, my friend was playing a face all night, which meant that we ended up going home at like 12.30am. I thought it was really rude of her to do so, as it was my mum giving us a lift home, and the rest of us would have loved to have stayed out much later.

So, overall, I had a shitty time. And ate loads. And am now all bloaty and disgusting. And I spent over £40 on alcohol and McDonald's. So, thats £40 less in the Uni fund.

Nice way to celebrate the  18th. Awesome. Thanks.

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