Monday, 14 February 2011

Horrible Day.

Train was cancelled this morning...get to the station, look at the board, to read "this service has been cancelled due to somebody being hit by a train".

Wow. That's pretty shit. The girl was 15, and she jumped. My sister knew her. It's awful, really, because no-one noticed anything, any signs, nothing.

On her facebook she looks so happy, but don't we all in pictures. I can empathise with her emotions, to some extent, because I have days where I just want to dive in front of a fast-moving car, but I never do. But, for someone so young to feel that bad, when she had her whole life ahead of her is just mind-boggling. I just wish that the world was brighter, and nicer, and no-one EVER had to feel that way about living.

Stay strong x

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