Sunday, 27 February 2011


It would be nice if I was thin now.

I put on some jeans, ones that fit me last week, and they didn't fit.

I have only been doing Yogalates this week, no walking. I think this is why. I cut down my food intake to as little as I could - clearly this isn't working. I need to cut down some more, obviously.

I did 65 mins of walking today, and will do some sit-ups in a little bit.

I'm scared of weighing myself, but will do it tomorrow. I don't think I'll be able to look.

My calorie intake today was under 300. My walking apparently burnt 260 calories. Might do some yoga.

Wanna start running, but I'm scared that people will drive past and be horrified by my wobbling fat.

Also, college again tomorrow. I'm scared to go in, I've put on so much weight. Shit, what will I wear?

Gotta go anyway, stay strong x

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