Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Christmas day was a success. I ate A LOT of shitty foods, and guess what?! I was really ill.
I ate a gone off cheesy breadstick dip thing, and it made me have vomiting and diarrhea. So, yeah, that bloat came down easily enough - especially since I was at my boyfriends on boxing day.

Somehow now, I have lost weight, like my jeans are huge! God knows how...

I haven't eaten very much at all the past few days, and I can now fit my hands around my waist with ease (Y)  

Anyway, Christmas day was shite. Everyone kept nagging at me for being a vegetarian.

Also, Nan came to ours, and she kept commenting on what I was eating. e.g. don't eat that chocolate because you don't eat your dinner anyway; it's good to see you eating Emma, etc.


There's no need to comment at all, is there. They don't know about this new developing eating thing, but they knew about the last one, which was ages ago - before I even made this blog. So SHUT UP ABOUT IT NOW!

Hope everyone had a good one :)

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