Tuesday, 20 December 2011

No food.

Last night I ate nothing at my boyfriends, and he started worrying about me.

I just sat there and said, "Seriously, I'm not hungry at all. Don't worry about me", over and over again.

He told me that girls who eat well get special kisses - I don't care that much!

The night before last, I hid food in my bag and pretended to eat it. Honestly, this worries me. I'm exactly how I was before. A mess.

But tonight, I'm at home, and we've just been shopping as a family, and I've eaten quite a lot. So, I'll most likely purge in a bit. That seems to be the thing I do at home these days.

I hate the food temptations at home. I might stay here until Christmas, and then from Boxing Day be at my boyfriends. I don't have to eat at all then!

Or, try to break the association that I have with food in my house.

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