Saturday, 21 May 2011

Exam time

Due to exams, I am weighing 57kg, that's from Monday, so my nice jeans don't fit me - FATTY. Friends keep buying me chocolate before, and I can't say no when they have bought it for me.

Stopped eating officially again.

Parents had a go at me for being at college mon, tues, and weds this week; cause I claimed that I had dinner there, and then had soup thurs and fri.

Failed another driving test, but only 2 people know, so that's a little bit better.On the plus side, the examiner said that I was a good driver, so he was shocked when I failed.. that's a positive.

This week, I will be staying late at college Mon, Tues, Weds and Thurs. My excuse when college finishes next week, for not coming home, will be that I have a boyfriend (this is a lie, even though I am fucking some guy and living a little - yes I'm a bad person, but I wanna feel wanted).

The boy I was supposed to be going on another date with has cancelled, yet again. He has his Showcase on Wednesday and Thursday, and had to go and buy costumes and then babysit or some bullshit like that (he wanted to go out for a meal anyway, so that bodes well for me).

Last exam is the 7th June, Psychology... then it's over. I am running for 90 mins every day in 30 min stretches. As well as this, I will be doing Yogalates for an hour, and then the 10 minute Ab workout. I will be consuming low amounts of calories, because I have become 'vegetarian' (an excuse to consume less calories, as meals are vegetable based to save my parents some money - things aren't good at the moment, they own two businesses and their tax return is due, so times are tight).

I got 100% on my English Lit mock the other day, so I'm happy about that, and hope that I can perform that well in the exam on Monday. My teacher is the co-ordinator for Oxbridge applications, and he told me to talk to him about it when my exams are over, so I'll go and see him soon about that.

Over the Summer, it is my intention to get a job and some work experience, so hopefully I will be out of the house at meal times. That way I have an excuse. There aren't many jobs going at the moment, so if I don't have a job, then I'll be frequently visiting the local library to read, hopefully visiting my fuck-buddy, and hopefully the 'date-guy' (he's called John btw) will want me :)
 - Just to clarify, if John wants me to go out with him, things will get called off with the other guy, I don't cheat, though it does kind of sound like I am, doesn't it?!!

I hope everyone is ok, it's been a while since I've been on, sorry, exams and that :) xx


  1. Be safe with eating so little and exercising so much.
    Sorry you didn't pass your driver's test.
    Good luck with John.
    Good luck on your exams.

  2. Wow, you have a lot going on! Well done on getting 100% on the mock for Lit! That's totally awesome. You must read and write very well.
    Good luck with ALL of the exams. I'm sure you will do wonderfully.
    And keep up your driving practise! Third time lucky, I bet!!! :D <3