Friday, 29 July 2011

My goals.

By the end of August, it is my ambition to have achieved the following:

 - to return to my weight, as it was previous to being caught out (50kg)
 - to not binge every week, and to instead just do a 1000 calorie binge once a month
 - to not purge
 - to 'eat out' every day, and come home to hunger
 - to do plenty of exercise at the gym, or walk a lot
 - to go camping for three days, alone, and not eat
 - to not drink too much alcohol, it makes me eat more
 - to not smoke weed anymore
 - to quite smoking cigarettes
 - get personal statement written
 - book lnat.
 - generally feel skinnier and better.

Hope you're all well :) xx

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